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Risks You May Be Taking If You Do Not Have The Proper Coverage

What Are Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton Missouri? | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000Many people ask themselves, “ What Are Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton MO? “  First, and foremost, Missouri law requires that all motor vehicle owners maintain at least the state minimum auto liability insurance coverage. MJM Insurance® of Fenton agents are here to help you understand the requirements for auto insurance and the risks you may be taking if you do not have the proper coverage.

With that, Missouri residents are required to show proof of insurance when registering a motor vehicle or renewing their license plates. All motor vehicle owners must also keep proof of insurance in their vehicle(s) to be able to show proof of insurance anytime you are dealing with the authorities.

Periodically, during the period of vehicle registration in Missouri, the Driver License Bureau may request that a vehicle owner show proof of insurance.  If the vehicle owner cannot provide proof of insurance, a driver license suspension is enforced.   Having a suspended driver license could have a significant impact on your insurance costs and the type of carrier who will write your policy.

Missouri law requires that every driver have a reliable method of paying for the costs of damage or injury to another driver after a car accident.

Motor Vehicle Owners’ minimum auto insurance liability in Fenton Missouri

Most drivers are not aware of the risks they are taking when opting to purchase the state minimum insurance that is required by Missouri law.  Liability Coverage protects the persons involved with an accident.  Bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, property damage and uninsured motorists coverage.

Let’s say for example, you have $25,000 for bodily injury, per person.  If you should have an accident and a person was severely injured and incurred $50,000 in medical bills, your insurance will only cover $25,000 – leaving you with the rest to pay.  This could cause financial despair for you and your family.  The total bodily injury per accident coverage kicks in when multiple people are injured.  So if you have state minimum of $50,000 in coverage and 5 people are severely injured, you are responsible for each person’s medical bills.What Are Auto Insurance Requirements in Fenton Missouri? | MJM Insurance® of Fenton | (636) 343-5000

Missouri also requires drivers to hold uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury at the same minimums as those listed for liability coverage.  Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you’re in a car accident and the other driver is at fault – and that driver doesn’t have car insurance!  Uninsured motorist coverage will help protect you. It can cover injury-related medical expenses and costs associated with repairing damage to your car.  The caveat is …. If you only carry state minimum and your car is worth $50,000 – you will only receive $25,000 in coverage.

Buying car insurance or just minimum coverage, without fully understanding your risk and coverage needs, could be a very costly mistake.  It does not cost more to have our professional assistance—we are likely to find the best coverage to meet your personal needs by shopping many top-rated companies.

The good news is that there are additional coverages to choose from to ensure you are completely protected.  Comprehensive insurance will help cover costs of damage to your vehicle that result from an event that is not an accident, such as severe weather or fire.  Collision Insurance coverage pays for damages to your vehicle after a collision with another car or object.  There are other additions you can add to your policy and we will review them with you.  Those are Medical payments, Rental car reimbursement, Emergency roadside assistance and more.

Driving uninsured is illegal. If you are stopped by an officer and can’t show proof of car insurance, you are subject to a ticket.  In some situations, you might be denied car insurance. This typically happens when you have a history of multiple claims or a poor driving record – both of which raise the insurance company’s risk of insuring you.

MJM Insurance® Of Fenton agents are able to shop many carriers and could find the best match for you.  Your Premiums may be much higher, but we will do our best working for you.

If you have any questions and Concerns about your Auto insurance, please feel free to call us and we will help you.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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